Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ninite for Ubuntu Linux beta

 Ninite for Ubuntu Linux beta

Ninite installs multiple apps at once without any hassles.
Choose the apps you want below and then click Get Installer. We make a custom .deb package for Ubuntu that will add the proper APT repositories and keys and then install the apps for you.
Ninite started as a project for Windows apps, but we got a lot of requests for a Linux version. We'd love to hear what you think.


Fast browser

Email client

Multi-IM client

Internet telephone

Bittorrent client


Office suite


Image editor

Vector drawing

Photo manager


Media player

Media player/manager

Extra codecs


Online backup/sync



Adobe AIR runtime

Windows API layer

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

AV Linux: Audio - Graphics - Video workstation. Epic!

AV Linux is a Live DVD Operating System designed to turn a PC or Intel Mac into an Audio - Graphics - Video workstation. AV Linux features a complete Linux Desktop Environment with a handpicked selection of pre-tested and pre-configured Audio, Graphics and Video content creation software. Great care has been taken to enhance their reliability and show how far Linux has come as a Content Creation platform. Pre-installed are: Ardour, Audacity, Blender, Cinelerra, Handbrake, Hydrogen, Kdenlive, , LMMS, Mixbus, seScore, Openshot, Renoise,and VLC Media Player.

AV Linux is distributed as a free LiveDVD ISO image that can be downloaded, burned and run from a DVD-R(W) copied and run from a USB Key or installed to a computer's hard drive. For more detailed information please take time to read the PDF User Manual and licensing info shown below.

           Read the AV Linux Manual

Looks really good so far, there is a video walkthru to get you started.

Here are some other links:

These are some projects that use AV Linux as a demo LiveDVD:

Ardour DAW
Harrison Mixbus
LinuxDSP Plugins
Cinelerra Video Editor
Kdenlive Video Editor
Openshot Video Editor
Loomer Plugins

  Download AV Linux from the ISO FTP (Latest Version 6.0.3 XFCE4 4.10)

Download the ISO for AV Linux

Link to Main Page is here:

I installed this in a Virtual Machine using VirtualBox. I allocated 1Gb of RAM, and 64 Mb of Video memory. I will test it like this for now. This is the default desktop on first boot. Nice!

Here is the Main Menu screenshot. Lot of options here.

 Audio menu. Aurdour, Audacity, and lots of other programs.

Audio Utilities menu, your plugins and Jack addons. 

I like the main control panel, it has a install to USB icon.

Internet menu includes Chrome, Filezilla, Putty, and email.

Settings menu has most everything to customize AV Linux.

 WINE started to auto-install and configure itself on startup. Sweet.

I will install this later on a dedicated PC and give it a spin. I have some microphones and mixers to plug in and see if it really performs as advertised.